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“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together”


By contributing to the welfare, health and education of one or more children you can help us plan ahead and ensure we give them long-term support. Decide on the amount you wish to give.

Click here to download and complete our sponsorship form Sign and scan to contact@reachforthemoonindia.org or print out and post to Reach for the Moon, La Basse Rue 35730 Pleurtuit, France.

40€ / month                25€ / month                10€ / month                Other€/ month



Victims of poverty, abuse, drunkeness, abandoned on trains or in the street, often with no name, date of birth or possessions, the children in our orphanage, along with the those in our slum and dust collector schools all dream of self-sufficiency and a happier everyday life. Your sponsorship covers a whole range of needs for the children : education, transport to and from school, school lunches, daily meals, clothes, uniforms, protection, healthcare, outings, homework tuition, orphanage staff and teacher salaries, water, heating… It all adds up.


Nominative sponsorship maybe popular, but that’s not the way it works on the ground. If we want to avoid wasting time, energy and your donations on covering the costs. Beyond the logistics, we need to be honest. Sometimes children leave the orphanage, families move out of the slum and everyone wants to sponsor the same child with the cute smile. It’s an unfair and complicated system which creates jealousy among the children and an often biased relationship between the child and his/her sponsor, asking for gifts and money.



This system means every child receives the same amount of time, love, energy and resources. Funds are allocated fairly and evenly. Our contact people in India, already extremely busy, can focus their energy on the children. You will receive an annual newsletter on progress in our projects and can also check on progress through our blog, facebook page and instagram account.