“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop” –
Kabir, 14th Century Indian poet

In July 1997, Santosh Kakaar business woman from Delhi and Anand Shukla, philosopher from Bénares, set up the Anchal Chaya Orphanage, 70 km south of Delhi on the main Calcutta Trunk road that has grown in recent years into a densely industrialized area. From the early days with just 10 children, today the orphanage is home to nearly 50 children age 5 to 18, a small group of handicapped children and a full-time staff of 10. Abandonned in the streets, in train stations or on the road side, runaways or victims of abuse our kids at Anchal Chaya are among the nameless millions of children in India deprived of the care, love and safety every child deserves to grow. Since 2008 Reach for the Moon has been helping the founders to provide access to decent Hygiene, Health, Security and Education. Today every child has their own bed, a place to keep their belongings, a date of birth and regular health check ups. Most of the children attend school in the nearby town of Palwal and some of the older children have started secondary studies and apprenticeships.

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With most of our initial objectives reached, today we need your help to finance ongoing running costs, education, food, activities and especially the staff salaries. Keeping our great team of people is crucial to creating the beneficial sense of security and family our kids need to grow into responsible, balanced, happy adults with a real chance in life. Every year several volunteers visit Anchal Chaya and are always very moved by the sense of LOVE that pervades in the midst of the dust and the din.