“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Though shocked and saddened when government bulldozers destroyed the Morning Star Slum School in Shiv Colony Faridabad in July 2015 we never envisaged giving up. We had an official registration number for the school and our despair swiftly turned to outrage that created the energy to move forwards. Rakesh Raj founder of the Morning Star School looked for land to rent so we could build our own brick school that bulldozers could not demolish. In September 2015 we opened the door of the new Morning Star School in a dust collector community, 2km from the slum.
[masterslider id=”21″]The main challenge since then has been convincing parents of dust collector kids that education is a good idea. As for our slum parents, a mouth at school is a mouth not earning money. Today we have a group of 30 kids who attend regularly. Our aim is to reach 100 children by 2018. Here we need your support for ongoing construction work, uniforms, teachers salaries but also for equipment ; as we can lock the door here at night we can invest in blackboards, cupboards, desks, games material…and so on.