Our priorities


Anchal Chaya Orphanage

In July 1997 Santosh Kakkar, business woman from Delhi, and Anand Shukla, philosopher from Benarés, set up the Anchal Chaya Orphanage, 70 km south of Delhi on the Calcutta Trunk Road. Today the orphanage is home to 40 children age 3 to 17, a small group of mentally-handicapped boys and a full-time staff of 6. Each day from 8h to 14h it welcomes an additional 60 children from surrounding villages to its basement school, run by 2 teachers.

Our support since 2010 has made a huge change for the kids, with beds, hot wate
r, towels, sheets and medical check ups now available. They still need our energy, and financial support, for these to become the norm and for ongoing projects to continue.

Morning Star Slum School

Bandhu-Rakesh-Me-2_webPastor Rakesh Raj set up the Morning Star School in December 2009 with the help of our India contact Vishy Bandhu. Based in a south Delhi slum, home to around 10,000 people, the school has grown from an outdoor meeting on mats to a solid wooden structure with a sturdy awning, real desks and portable blackboards.

90 children, of an estimated 3,000 in the slum, attend. However, after a lengthy process, in January 2012 the school received an official registration number, making it “safe” from demolition. This means we can now plan to build an extension to increase over all numbers to 130.