“The Love you give away is the only love you keep” – Elbart Hubbard

In December 2009 Pastor Rakesh Raj set up a small, open air school in the Shiv Colony Slum, Faridabad, 30km south of Delhi where 10 000 people live in an area of 2km3. Reach for the Moon supported Rakesh from the start and in 2011 we helped finance a bamboo structure with a tarpaulin roof. After the monsoon of 2014 we added a concrete floor and pillars, by then 100 of the 5000 kids in the slum were attending our school 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year.That may not seem many, but it’s a huge step forwards for those whose parents, 95% illiterate, manage to grasp the concept and importance of Education. Since 2012 every child has a uniform, slightly military in colour, but well adapted to living conditions. No electricity, no running water, 5 to 10 people to each shack and miraculously the kids show up every morning smart and clean. We change the uniforms once a year, including a pair of shoes.

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In July 2015 government bulldozers completely destroyed the school and many of the slum dwellings. A week later we opened a temporary structure nearby, one month later we found land and built a brick school in a dust collector community, in September 2015 we re-opened our bamboo and tarp school in the heart of the slum. So from one school destroyed, two have grown ! Today, our school in Shiv Colony continues to run daily and in January this year we were able to distribute new uniforms for the first time since the demolition. Today we need your support for tarpaulins, replaced 6 times a year, bamboo poles, teacher salaries, school uniforms and material.